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The Account of the War of the Valendi

Now it happened that after the Lord had created the worlds and had placed life on the earth, and had formed the first ‘udim, our Mother and Father, but before they themselves had yet given life to offspring, that a great council was convened in the world of the Valendi. And in the heart of Archádon there was found to be evil. And the evil grew with the knowledge of his greatness in the eyes of the other Valendi so that he became envious of the honor given to Aél alone. And also jealous was he of Aél’s intention for ‘udim. For Archádon knew the intent of Aél concerning ‘udim and how in time ‘udim would surpass all Valendi in greatness. 

 Now to Archádon, as the greatest of the Valendi, had been given charge over Sol, the great star of the world of ‘udim. And he was overseer over all the Valendi of the worlds of the star Sol and of the world of ‘udim and of the things of the world of ‘udim. And Archádon called to himself all those who were under him. Now Kaél was under his command as the second greatest of the Valendi in power and beauty. To Kaél had been given the stewardship of the earth, but when he heard of Archádon’s intent, that his desire was for ‘udims subjugation, he abandoned the council and many others left with him. And Archádon's anger burned toward Kaél and those who left with him. But Archádon persuaded those who remained at the council of the goodness of his intent, that his desire to rule over ‘udim was for ‘udims good and for the good of the Valendi. And so began the great Rebellion of the Valendi. 

But of the great wars in the world of the Valendi that followed we have no knowledge, except what our fathers fathers had heard spoken of by the first Father, that at that time there were great signs and wonders in the heavens as the war in the world of the Valendi at times seeped into the world of ‘udim. And we know that the Valen Kaél led a great army from Aél against the forces of Archádon and that in time the forces of Kaél overcame the forces of Archádon so that they were forced to submit. And by the power of Aél, Kaél cast Archádon from the realms of the Valendi and he was stripped of his position as steward of the star Sol.  Archádon fled thereafter with his followers to the fifth world of Sol. There he gathered such strength as he had, but long before he was ready, the army of Aél reached him. The clashing of powers was so great that the fifth planet was destroyed, and is today visible only as a vast field of rocks swirling around the star Sol. Defeated once more and now also stripped of their bodily form, Archádon fled to the only place of refuge left to him – the world of ‘udim. Here, he reasoned, Aél could not come against him in force, for in destroying him, the armies of Aél would also destroy Aél’s beloved ‘udim.

And Kaél took Archádon’s place as greatest of the Valendi and as overseer of those Valendi who had been assigned governance of the earth and sea and wind and rain and moon and of all the worlds of the star Sol. But to those of the Valendi who had followed Archádon, these too were cast formless to Sol's third planet and thus confined to the earth and to the world of the 'udim. And the evil that had been birthed in Archádon and which had spread to the Valendi who followed him, grew greater with the passing of time, and so grew their hatred for Aél and for the most beloved of His creation, ‘udim.

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Posted October 20, 2011 at 1:37pm

Awesome job retelling the story. The names are a bit confusing but impossible to keep up with. One question, is Kael supposed to be the angel Michael?

Peter Churness

Posted October 20, 2011 at 7:06pm

Yep, Kael is the archangel Michael. And yes, realize all the names can be confusing. We actually never meant for these writings to be published anywhere. We wrote it just for internal purposes to keep the world background in sync as we developed the Orion stories.


Posted October 21, 2011 at 2:53pm

Very good idea, and one that I'm using with my stuff too. I'm glad you guys decided to post it up here though because its making at least myself look forward to the game and its history even more.

Norgandan Knight

Posted October 26, 2011 at 10:37pm

Just want to say this is a great backstory that will add a lot of depth to the game. I think the unique names add a lot more uniqueness (not to mention more universal appeal) than just using standard names. Also, shouldn't it be the 5th world that Archadon and company take shelter on? Because the asteroid belt is beyond mars (the fourth planet).

Peter Churness

Posted October 27, 2011 at 7:30pm

You're right! It should be the 5th world. Apparently we can't count. :) I'll change it in our master doc.


Posted October 28, 2011 at 10:00pm

So Epic! The Same...Yet different, Can't wait for more!

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