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The Account of the Valendi

Now the account of the Valendi is as follows. Before the world was made there was only the One, the Self-Existent Lord of all. And His thoughts grew with passion and power till in self-expression He issued forth the whole of creation. And the first of His creation was the world of the Valendi, a world hidden from the view of man. Indeed, the Valendi of the hidden world once peopled their own worlds, just as we have peopled our own. Nephilim lore-masters speak of four other races having been created, each in succession and long before the creation of ‘udim. Each peopled their own universe created by Aél. Each lived out a glorious history and peopled a magnificent universe of their own. Each remained obedient to Aél during the course of their own histories as Aél raised them from an infant people, into the powerful beings we know of as the Valendi. First were the Istari. Second the Torai. Third the Cherubim. Lastly the Seraphim. And indeed, with each creation, the glory of Aél seemed to be reflected in greater and greater degrees. And the Seraphim were thought to be the last and greatest of His creation – a final showing forth of His glory - the crown of His creation. The greatest of these Seraphim, the one we know of as Archádon (though his true name has since been hidden), was leader of this last race, the Seraphim. Indeed, he reflected the glory of Aél beyond all others.

Now, when Aél announced that a fifth and final world would be spoken forth, great was the rejoicing of the Valendi. And Aél danced a great dance and brought forth our world into being. And into our world he placed the Valendi, to govern our world and to aid Him in its formation and growth. And indeed, to each of the Valendi was given a stewardship over the various parts of Aél’s new creation. And so, as Aél formed the heavens and placed the stars in the sky, each star was placed under the care of one of the Valendi. And to other Valendi, the various worlds were placed under their care. And to other Valendi, the various aspects of creation were placed under their care. To some was given the governing and protecting of the seas. To others were given the governing and protecting of the beasts of the earth, and to others the birds of the air, and to others the production of crops, and to others the wind and the rain, so that in every way the creation was governed and cared for. 

Now the last creation of Aél was ‘udim. And out of ‘udim was drawn our Father and Mother, the two First Ones. Yea, verily, Taran our Father and Aya our Mother, king and queen of our world were brought forth in beauty and glory and innocence. And Aél placed them in a great Valley. Aél’s greatest dance it was and all the Valendi rejoiced. But Archádon chose not to rejoice.  

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Epic Backstory!

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