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The Account of the Fall and Banishment of Taran and Aya
Now the war of the Valendi had not left the world of men untouched, nor did the war of the Valendi come to a true end. Rather, the rebellious Valendi were confined to the world of the star Sol. Kaél was raised in stature to overseer of Sol, but this was a weighty promotion indeed, for he was consigned to govern a realm in ongoing rebellion. His chief burden was to keep the rebellion confined to the worlds surrounding Sol. Many times on the day in which the Valendi appear before Aél, Kaél would implore the Creator to end the rebellion. But in this Archádon had perceived correctly the mind of his Creator, for Aél would reply “On the day I destroy Archádon, ‘udim itself must be destroyed. Be patient my faithful Kaél. The Rebellion must run its due course. Something irreversible has been set in motion. There is only one solution. I say again, be patient for, I am not unaware of the dangers and risk involved. I am willing to pay the price. There is no other way." And so Kaél continued the relentless task of guarding the rest of the universe from the rebellion in the world of Sol. But it seemed to him only a matter of time before much grief should come of the Creator’s patience.
And so it was that in the days of the first Settlements, when of the children of Taran and Aya, nine couples had gone out to receive their inheritance, that Archádon took an earthly form to walk in the midst of the world of ‘udim. And the form he took was that of the greatest of the beasts of the earth, the dragons of the north. And so it was that Gahran in the land of his inheritance first encountered the fallen Valen disguised as a dragon.
Now, in those days of innocence, before the world had been cursed and evil unleashed, those of the race of ‘udim (for in those days there was only one race) could commune with the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and the fish of the sea, even as the Benél do today. Indeed, with their minds and their thoughts they embraced the thoughts and speech of the animals, and they governed them and cared for them. But the existence of the beasts differed from that of ‘udim, for the ‘udim only of all of Creation had been given the Breath of Life from Aél. And the intelligence of the beasts was of a different kind, as was their speech. But when Gahran encountered the dragon in the fields of Morban, the dragon spoke with the speech of ‘udim, and revealed an intelligence likened to that of ‘udim. Thus was Gahran surprised and word soon spread of this other intelligent life which Gahran had encountered. And so Gahran befriended the dragon, for the dragon had not revealed his true nature. And the dragon revealed his name to be Sol.
Now Archádon's heart had grown increasingly wicked, such that the things of which he spoke were full of lies and deceit. And Sol had told Gahran in the course of their acquaintance that he and his kind had been sent to the world of men to offer counsel. And so it was that Gahran decided that he should take the dragon Sol to the Father and Mother in the Valley which lay in the mountains in the east of Vaya.
Now the time of celebration was approaching when those from every land make pilgrimage to the Valley to honor the Mother and Father and to receive blessing from Aél. So it was that Gahran decided to travel early to Vaya, before the celebration, to introduce this counselor from Aél to the King and Queen. And the King and Queen received Sol and welcomed him and were amazed to hear speech coming from his mouth. And Sol said many things which pleased the King and Queen so that they were glad at his presence. "Truly, has the Creator given us a wise counselor", the Queen had said. "Indeed", the King responded, "for I hear in his words much to my liking." And so it was that Archedon, in the form of a dragon, deceived the King and Queen into following him into rebellion. And in the moment of that rebellion they knew what they had done, and they embraced the Lie.
Now the day the rebellion extended into the heart of ‘udim, was the day before the Great Celebration. And the other sons and daughters of the King and Queen were approaching the Valley when they saw the darkness descend. And there was silence as they all met together on the East Road leading into the Valley. But they went no further, for there was a new emotion unleashed upon them, which never had been felt before. They felt fear for the first time on that road, and they waited in silence for the darkness to lift. Toward nightfall they finally heard a terrible scream, and a great winged creature lifted out of the valley breathing fire. The creature was terrible to behold and disappeared into the north and was never seen in that form again. Then, there followed a great earthquake, and two figures, in appearance like the King and Queen, came fleeing out of the valley. But their countenance was changed. Their sons and daughters on that road beheld them and wept. The King and Queen also saw their children, and great indeed was their grief as they passed. But they continued on beyond them, unable to either speak or hold the gaze of their children and they fled down the road that leads to Vaya. And two great and powerful beings, full of light streamed out of the Valley to the entrance of the Valley, and with their swords they pierced the mountains and forever sealed the Valley off, such that the Valley was forever lost.
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Posted November 21, 2011 at 11:11am

As always, an awesome and unique view. I do have a question though, are these sons and daughters supposed to be the people like Cain, Abel, Seth, and the un-named ones, or will they come into play later on?

Peter Churness

Posted November 23, 2011 at 8:18am

They are the first 10 sons and daughters mentioned in one of the previous posts (the one with all the names). So yes, they are supposed to be people like Cain and Abel, though not Seth and here's why. In our "fictional history" we are going off of the speculation that Adam and Eve may have had children prior to the fall. There's a couple biblical reasons why this MIGHT be the case (though its far from certain and really is just speculation). The best reason for this view is that the curse upon Eve is that God would "increase" her pain in child bearing. That seems to suggest that perhaps Eve had already experienced child birth such that after the curse the pain was now clearly increased. There's another possible hint from the Genesis text too, but I won't go into that in this comment (I'll maybe save it for a regular post at some point). So, in our fictional story here, we have the characters that represent Cain and Abel as being born prior to the fall and the character that will represent Seth as being born after the fall. You'll see in coming posts of the backstory how this becomes central to the whole plot, but briefly I'll just say that this means that in our story the children born before the fall are NOT under the curse and those born after ARE under the curse. So you end up with two races essentially (one immortal and akin to Tolkien's elves and the other mortal as in Tolkien's men). Now obviously though we have Cain as one of the "pre-fall" children, something happens to cause them to essentially fall into sin as well. But with their fall will not come the curse. So, part what we will end up trying to convey through all this is that the curse is really a blessing because with the curse also comes the promise of the Seed. The curse (like the law) leads us to a place of brokenness and knowledge of our great need for the promised Seed (i.e. Jesus). Those sons and daughters born prior to the fall but who also fall into sin through pride will not have the benefit of that "curse" (and "promise"). [by the way, in case you're curious, Kreon in an earlier post is our "Cain" character and Dellan is our "Abel" character.]


Posted November 25, 2011 at 4:10pm

oh thanks, that helped clear up a lot. I think I'm gonna stick with all pre-fall children in my story although the contrast and possiblities are pretty cool. Some of them could try to make themselves like a god on earth.

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