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Ten Sons and Ten Daughters Are Born to Taran and Aya in Their Innocence
And so, in due time, Aya gave birth to a son. And Taran and Aya held the first born of ‘udim in their hands and gave him the name Kreon. And after Kreon, Aya gave birth to a daughter who would rule Vaya with Kreon. The name given her was Maya. Then a third child was born, a son who was named Dedan. And a fourth child was born, a daughter to rule with Dedan, and she was named Triendä. Then a fifth child was born to Aya and he was named Gahran, for he was strong. A sixth child to partner with Gahran was also born and she was named Gaylin. Then Madai was born followed by she who would become his wife, Maryna. Then Javan was born followed by Yarisha who would become his wife. Then Rahan was born followed by Ashyr who would be his wife. Then Thayn was born followed by Atira who would become his wife. Then Avilah was born followed by Jereth who would become her husband. Then Kros was born to Aya followed by Trele who would be his wife. Dellán was the last son to be born to Taran and Aya in the years of their innocence and Triena was their last daughter. And so the ten great lords and the ten great queens of the earth were born to Taran and Aya, the Mother and Father of all ‘udim. And these were born to Taran and Aya before evil had yet come into the heart of ‘udim, for Taran and Aya had not yet been cast out for the sin which they would embrace. All ten sons and all ten daughters of Aya and Taran who were born to them in the years of their innocence were born in the likeness of their innocence and in the likeness and image of Aél their true Father.
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