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Posts are taken from the pre-flood world fantasy history developed by Peter Churness and Tom Hilpert.

And so it was that Taran and Aya fled into Vaya, being forever banished from the Valley.  And they and their future descendants became known as the Benudim, which came to mean 'cursed ones' in the common language of that day.And so it came to pass that the curse had effect on the Benudim such that they aged and some grew sick, though slow was the advancement of the evil upon their bodies at first.   And so they lived on in Vaya with ... More
And in that day of the Banishment did the Celebration's cease.  And the sons and daughters of the banished King and Queen returned in sadness and fear to their lands.  And in their returning did they find the world greatly changed.  The shaking of the earth they felt had rippled through all of the lands.  The climate changed and the soil was less willing to produce food.  And, an anger and deep yearning was unleashed ... More
Now the war of the Valendi had not left the world of men untouched, nor did the war of the Valendi come to a true end. Rather, the rebellious Valendi were confined to the world of the star Sol. Kaél was raised in stature to overseer of Sol, but this was a weighty promotion indeed, for he was consigned to govern a realm in ongoing rebellion. His chief burden was to keep the rebellion confined to the worlds surrounding Sol. Many times on ... More
Now it happened that after the Lord had created the worlds and had placed life on the earth, and had formed the first ‘udim, our Mother and Father, but before they themselves had yet given life to offspring, that a great council was convened in the world of the Valendi. And in the heart of Archádon there was found to be evil. And the evil grew with the knowledge of his greatness in the eyes of the other Valendi so that he ... More
Now the children of Taran grew older and in due time, the eldest son, Kreon, reached the age allotted by Aél for him to come to the Lifespring.  And so on the day appointed by the Creator, Kreon left his mother and father and approached the Lifespring.  And the Maker came to Kreon on that day and embraced him and loved him and commissioned him to take Vaya as his inheritance and to care for and love the land.  And Aél ... More
And so, in due time, Aya gave birth to a son. And Taran and Aya held the first born of ‘udim in their hands and gave him the name Kreon. And after Kreon, Aya gave birth to a daughter who would rule Vaya with Kreon. The name given her was Maya. Then a third child was born, a son who was named Dedan. And a fourth child was born, a daughter to rule with Dedan, and she was named Triendä. Then a fifth child ... More
Now after Aél created the world and breathed life into Taran, the Father of all, and into Aya, the Mother of all, and when He had placed them in the Valley prepared for them, He gave these instructions to them concerning their offspring: Just as I have given life to you, so give life to children and populate the world I have made. In due season, let them leave your side and take lordship of the realms surrounding this ... More
Now the account of the Valendi is as follows. Before the world was made there was only the One, the Self-Existent Lord of all. And His thoughts grew with passion and power till in self-expression He issued forth the whole of creation. And the first of His creation was the world of the Valendi, a world hidden from the view of man. Indeed, the Valendi of the hidden world once peopled their own worlds, just as we have peopled ... More
Here's a hypothetical map of the world before the flood that we use in the Orion game and for the backstory. In our fictional history we have the Adam and Eve of the world having 10 sons and 10 daughters. These 10 couples are sent out from the Garden of Eden (which we call the "Valley of the Lifespring") to take up stewardship of the 10 lands. More

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