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Nine Sons and Nine Daughters Take Possession of Their Inheritance
Now the children of Taran grew older and in due time, the eldest son, Kreon, reached the age allotted by Aél for him to come to the Lifespring.  And so on the day appointed by the Creator, Kreon left his mother and father and approached the Lifespring.  And the Maker came to Kreon on that day and embraced him and loved him and commissioned him to take Vaya as his inheritance and to care for and love the land.  And Aél gave to Kreon a special Orb of Power.  And with the Orb did he also endow Kreon with a special gift of power connected both to the Orb itself and to his bloodline.  Yea verily did Aél give to Kreon the very first of the Ten Orbs of Power to be used by himself and his descendents in the governing and protecting of the land of his inheritance.  

And so Kreon left the Valley and embraced the land of Vaya and loved it and cared for it one year.  And in the year that followed he returned to the Valley and gave honor to Taran and Aya, his father and mother and was blessed by Aél, the Creator.  And at that time his sister Maya who would be his wife reached the appointed age and approached the Lifespring and was embraced by Aél who loved her and commissioned her to govern Vaya at Kreon s side.  And so Kreon and Maya became one and together left the Valley to take stewardship of Vaya.

And when Dedan came of age, Aél gave him also a special Orb of Power along with a unique gift of power placed upon his bloodline.  And Aél sent him west and south of Vaya to take possession of the land near the Sea.  And he was joined by Triendä, who became his wife in the following year.  And to Gahran and Gaylin was given also a third Orb of Power along with stewardship of the land north of the river Gahr.  And to Madai and Maryna was given the land west and north of Vaya by the Sea.  And to Javan and Yarisha was given the land west of Vaya by the Sea.  And to Rahan and Ashyr was given the land north and east of Vaya, between the rivers Gahr and Tyras.  And to Thayn was given the land south and east of Vaya.  His land had great open fields surrounded by mountains.  And to Avilah and Jereth was given the land east of Thayn's Fields.  And to Kros and Trele was given the land south of Vaya.  And to each of these also did Aél give them their own Orb of Power along with special powers from Aél to be used by them and their descendents in the protecting and governing of their lands.

Now Dellán and Triena had not yet come of age when the Banishment occurred.  But to them, as the youngest of the lords, was to be given the last of the lands - the land east of Vaya – and with it the last of the ten great Orbs of Power.
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Posted September 5, 2011 at 8:49pm

Cool! I love the idea of Ael bestowing a orb of power and a region of the world! Can't wait for the continuation!

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