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Aéls’ Instructions to Taran and Aya Concerning Their Children

Now after Aél created the world and breathed life into Taran, the Father of all, and into Aya, the Mother of all, and when He had placed them in the Valley prepared for them, He gave these instructions to them concerning their offspring:

Just as I have given life to you, so give life to children and populate the world I have made. In due season, let them leave your side and take lordship of the realms surrounding this Valley. Let a son and a daughter go north and let another son and daughter go south; let two go east and another two west. In this way, divide the world among them, to steward the land and rule over it, to govern it and love it, just as I do and will continue to do through them. 

As each child born to you comes of age, let them come to Me. And let them approach the Lifespring, for there I will come to them and will speak with them just as I do with you. Then they will know Me as you know Me. Until then I will not speak to them as I speak to you, but they will know me through their obedience to you. But when they come of age, they will know the joy of Aél, their true Father. Then I will come to them at the Lifespring and will embrace them, and I will commission them just as I have commissioned you. 

You will give birth to ten sons and to ten daughters. And I will divide the lands amongst them. And I will show each of them the land they are to rule. Then shall they leave your side and take stewardship of their land. Your third and fourth born children, a son and a daughter, I will send one way. And your fifth and sixth born children I will send another way. And so through your children I will govern over the whole of My creation. But your first and second born children I will not send far away. Your first and second born will not leave Vaya, but Vaya itself will be their inheritance.

But as for you, most beloved of my creation, I will be your inheritance. In this Valley I will surround you and love you and nurture you, and you will be the most high king and queen of all the lands. And once a year, your children, the princes, princesses, ladies and lords of the earth, are to make pilgrimage back to Vaya and back to this Valley where they will give honor to you and will be blessed by Me, and there we will celebrate with a great celebration.
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