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Rebel Planet Orion

In Development

Before the Great Flood of Noah, thousands of years passed of which we know virtually nothing. Civilizations may have risen and fallen - technologies discovered and lost. What little knowledge that has come down to us through the early chapters of Genesis reveals a world very different than our own. Myth and legend also point to an ancient past rich with history.

Enter the world of The Rebel Planet. Rebel Planet Creations has taken this mysterious world before the Flood and has created an imaginative fantasy world where the truth of Scripture is our foundation and theme, but only the minds‘ imagination our limit in telling the ancient tale of redemption and faith.

In our first tale, Adam is an older man hardened by centuries of dwelling on his own sin and the suffering he has brought upon the world. But into his world comes a young lieutenant named Orion (the biblical Enoch) whose own journey of faith will become the catalyst for bringing Adam back to a place of faith and hope. Indeed our first tale is ultimately the story of Adam‘s conversion to faith and hope in the promised Seed to come.

  • Seven huge levels.
  • A vast world to explore, filled with quests, creatures, friends and villains.
  • A living, breathing ecosystem.
  • A deep, fictional history underlies a rich storyline waiting to be discovered.
  • Develop your character‘s physical, psychological and spiritual health and attributes.
  • Advanced artificial intelligence gives Non-Player Characters a life of their own.
  • Superb voice acting with audio for all in-game dialog.
  • An outstanding music score.