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The Fall's Impact Upon the Rest of Creation
And in that day of the Banishment did the Celebration's cease.  And the sons and daughters of the banished King and Queen returned in sadness and fear to their lands.  And in their returning did they find the world greatly changed.  The shaking of the earth they felt had rippled through all of the lands.  The climate changed and the soil was less willing to produce food.  And, an anger and deep yearning was unleashed upon all living things and upon non-living things as well.  For the first time, beast rose up against beast, and killed and ate.  And fierce storms occasioned the coastlands.  And some lands grew arid, while others grew dangerous with violent creatures.  Evil and a curse had been unleashed upon all of creation.  And soon news reached all as to the meaning of the traumatic happenings.  Their Mother and Father, the great King and Queen of All, had angered the one true God, Aél the Creator.  And a curse had been placed upon the land and upon the dragon and upon Taran and Aya and their offspring. There would be an end to life for Taran and Aya and for their future offspring.  Indeed, that sinister force known as death had been unleashed upon the world.  What this would mean for them they as yet knew not.  But what they did comprehend was that now they felt a fear of the Creator Aél, where once there had been only joy and celebration.    
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Posted February 21, 2012 at 6:08pm

Quick question! When do you plan to release Orion? Not trying to rush you but i would like to see it come soon. I bought truth seeker back in 2008 and saw the flyer for Orion in the disk case. Untill recently i have become interested in this being created. I am almost sixteen and have a little programming backround that im trying to expand. However i am a serious gamer and this caught my eye. I would love to give advice or do something to increase the game's content. If you arent going to make it... i'll be pretty upset but i will try to finish it with some of my 2d programming. I am also in the middle of writing a book series about a rift in space ...yaadadadada.... with God's will winning in the end. (im new here in the forums)

Peter Churness

Posted February 22, 2012 at 5:43am

Welcome to the forums Sakuma. Orion development is very slow these days as I have very limited time to work on it. So I can't give any kind of release date at the moment. Feel free to share ideas and thoughts in the forums. There's a good community there.


Posted April 30, 2012 at 5:49am

Is there a Demo of Orion?

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