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Now after Aél created the world and breathed life into Taran, the Father of all, and into Aya, the Mother of all, and when He had placed them in the Valley prepared for them, He gave these instructions to them concerning their offspring: Just as I have given life to you, so give life to children and populate the world I have made. In due season, let them leave your side and take lordship of the realms surrounding this ... More
Now the account of the Valendi is as follows. Before the world was made there was only the One, the Self-Existent Lord of all. And His thoughts grew with passion and power till in self-expression He issued forth the whole of creation. And the first of His creation was the world of the Valendi, a world hidden from the view of man. Indeed, the Valendi of the hidden world once peopled their own worlds, just as we have peopled ... More

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