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Wish I could announce the release of a game, but unfortunately a new site will have to do for now.  No new content, but will be releasing some bits of the Orion backstory soon. 
Was really hoping to have Orion released by now, but have been sidetracked by other responsibilities.  So, I apologize to any eagerly awaiting Orion’s release.  I’m still working on it, but very slowly.  However, to hopefully compensate just a bit, I’m working on a new Rebel Planet website to be released soon and with it will be begin posting pieces of the Pre-Flood Fantasy History that Pastor Tom Hilpert ... More
A couple development screenshots from a couple months ago….       
Hey 'yall. I just implemented a blog for our site. This is where our development team will post WIP shots and other updates regarding development - and maybe a game development tutorial now and then too. Feel free to post comments. We'd love to hear your feedback! (so long as its positive feedback, lol j/k) Peter

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