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Hey Guys! These past few months have been really really hard, for myself and Gil working on this Soccer game. We both burnt out, especially me, we hit a point where we had just drudged ourselves through this project for too long and hit the end of ourselves and our own capacity.  Today the Lord spoke in several ways to myself.  Firstly through Jonathan Brodmann who is currently doing the music for the soccer game.  Gil met ... More
Hey Guys check out the latest game Rebel Planet’s been doing (we’re also developing a soccer game).  There’s 2 videos be sure to watch them all, they both have great stuff!! While I was visiting Savannah myself and Gil did a demo day of Axys and Light Rangers at a Family Christian bookstore, it was great! Regards, David More
Hey Guys I wanted to share with you an email I just drafted to Peter Churness, the content is really significant for us so I wanted to share it here.  I just came back from 5 weeks in the USA, visiting Brethren Entertainment’s studio in Seattle and attending the Christian Game Developers Conference Winter Retreat as the keynote speaker.  And what follows are the things the Lord has really impressed upon me during that ... More
Hey Guys, just letting you know we’re still developing strong. The project we’re working on has so much potential it’s amazing Please enjoy the first CDN podcast! And a little fun I got up to the other week I’m also going to CGDC Winter Retreat 2009. Thanks for supporting Rebel Planet, and if you haven’t already go and buy Axys! - David More
Here’s an easter egg for you. Just letting you know, we are still working on a particular unmentioned project (it’s underwraps until it’s polished).  Our active development team at the moment consists of 4 people: Gil Ruiz - artist/designerKendall Stump - artistDavid Lancaster - programmingPeter Churness - webdevelopment/overall genius Things are moving along really well, Kendall and Gil are great guys to work ... More
During March-July 2007 we decided to recover from the loss of Wicked Mansion by using the left over resources to make a quick casual game. We managed to get the game ready in time for CGDC, however we ran into the exact same issue we ran into with Wicked Mansion, we had no money, we had no one willing to create models and animations for free. So all we had to use were the models and animations Eric Nadeau kindly passed to us from his ... More
David Stevenson, director of voice acting for The Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker, voice of Axys and Prince Reigus, has recently been involved with a band, as lead singer, Manic Bloom who have just released their first EP. I recently got a chance to have some email exchanges with David and wanted to share we spoke of. Lancaster: Your work on Axys, involvement and the game itself, has it at all been a blessing in your life? What in ... More
Hi readers and fans of Rebel Planet, been a while since anyone has posted so I’d like to give you guys an update. We have been working with Gil and Kendall, two great artists, on various projects. Orion has been put on the backburner as we now attempt to gain the resources we need to complete it. I haven’t touched it in a few months. I can’t say much about the projects we are working on except that we are excited ... More
I sit here and try to figure out what it is about this game. It strives neither in the graphical or gameplay/polish aspect, but it has this fun factor that although I didn’t find lasting, the initial surge of fun I had was so overwhealming I just couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s the video: Zoo Race Trailer What this game is to each individual person is what makes it worth something. To me it’s not a game that I ... More
It's what I’ve been working on at the moment, check it out here. Enjoy! David
 I recently picked up Mario Galaxy and I must say, playing the game was the most enjoyable experience. The music was excellent, the emotional experience drew me in. But of course after I finished the game the excitement wears off and the game becomes just another game in my mind, but it did me justice, the experience was the best. When I play such amazing games I can’t help but ask myself why the experience was so exciting, why ... More

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