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Christian Fantasy Novel Galedor Book

GALEDOR is the new Fantasy Novel from author Tom Hilpert. Written in a style similar to that of David Eddings, (author of the Belgariad) or Patricia McKlilp (The Riddle Master of Hed), GALEDOR is a tale of magic and mystery, courage and suspense. Find out more about what makes GALEDOR a great book to read!

In the land of Galador, the ancient legends speak of a great King, just and wise, who neither aged nor died. Many wonderful tales there are of the King and his two mighty servants, but the Golden Age of the King has long passed into history, and the land of Galador is now in quiet turmoil. When a young hunter named Tal returns from a trip to find his home destroyed, he is swept into a maelstrom of mystery and danger as he looks for answers to the tragedy. Confronted by realities he is unprepared for, he at last comes to accept that the ancient legends are true, and that he is caught in the middle of a war between immortals that has been quietly waged for thousands of years. Now he must grapple with his own appointed destiny in this legendary conflict. His choice will determine the fate of mankind...


This electronic format looks and "feels" remarkably like a printed book. Download the entire book FREE, and read the first 20 pages. 

Why Should I Read Galedor?

The most compelling reason to read any fiction book is to discover and enjoy a great story. We believe that GALEDOR is indeed a great story and a highly entertaining read; it is filled with mystery, magic, romance and adventure. But there is another reason to this novel. Though it is not specifically a "Christian book," GALEDOR embodies many Christian themes and ideals. In short, it is a work of wholesome fantasy. The entire genre of fantasy fiction was catapulted into prominence by JRR Tolkien, author of Lord of the Rings who also wrote out of a deep Christian faith. Since Tolkien, very few Christians have undertaken to write fantasy fiction -- until now! In a genre that has had more than its own share of dark, occultic and disturbing work, GALEDOR is one of the first in a new breed of entertaining fantasy fiction that captures again the core themes of honor, faith, hope and courage.

About the Author

Christian Fantasy Author Tom Hilpert

Author Tom Hilpert grew up in the tropical paradise of Papua New Guinea, the son of American missionary parents.  Since coming to United States he has been a student, a camp counselor, a satellite installer, and a business consultant.  Tom is also an ordained pastor and he spent ten years in full time ministry.  He currently lives with his wife, their four children and 15 chickens near Nashville TN.

Like virtually every other modern fantasy writer, Tom Hilpert was deeply influenced by the work of J.R.R. Tolkein.  In addition, however, Mr. Hilpert attributes a great deal of his inspiration to more recent fantasy writers like David Eddings and Patricia McKilip.  Mr. Hilpert's style of creating emotionally accessible characters and incorporating humor and mystery into the story makes his writing a pleasure to read.

Tom Hilpert is the author of Surviving Seminary:  A Practical Guide for Students and their Spouses.  He has written for several different magazines and created many different resources for Bible Study.  His non-fiction writing has been read and studied all over the United States and in England, South America and Asia.  Mr. Hilpert's most current project is the co-development of the plot for the Role-Playing fantasy computer game Orion.  He is also writing the fantasy novel which will accompany the game.