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Rebel Planet Creations, LLC (RPC) was formed in early 2005 for the purpose of producing fantasy novels and role-playing computer games that are creative, original and fun, but that also communicate the central spiritual themes of the Christian faith. More.

Axys Adventures

Winner of the Christian Game of the Year award for 2007 at the Christian Game Developers Conference!

Available NOW for the PC at your nearest Christian bookstore or through the buy now button below!
Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker is an action packed video game for the PC featuring stunning graphics and a powerful Christian message. The story is ultimately a parable speaking of the healing and forgiveness that takes place in our lives when we give God access to our hearts, but also the danger and tragedy that occurs when we give the enemy access to our hearts by believing his lies. It's also a blast to play!

"The Axys Adventures is a good game for parents to purchase who are looking for a Biblically based game for their kids...The Axys Adventures gets a 99 (A)."
- Matt Yaggi of Al Menconi Ministries

"If you want to see just how far Christian video games have come, then look no further than The Axys Adventures Truth Seeker..."
- Family Friendly Gaming

"Seemlessly includes Christian themes...By far the best looking Christian game out there...10 out of 10"
- Matthew Linder of 


Rebel Planet Orion

In Development...

Before the Great Flood of Noah, thousands of years passed of which we know virtually nothing. Civilizations may have risen and fallen - technologies discovered and lost. What little knowledge that has come down to us through the early chapters of Genesis reveals a world very different than our own. Myth and legend also point to an ancient past rich with history.

Fantasy Pre-Flood PC Video Game

Enter the world of The Rebel Planet. Rebel Planet Creations has taken this mysterious world before the Flood and has created an imaginative fantasy world where the truth of Scripture is our foundation and theme, but only the minds‘ imagination our limit in telling the ancient tale of redemption and faith. 

Rebel Planet will bring this epic story to life through a trilogy of Christian computer games and through fantasy novels.  Look for the first Christian video game in the series coming soon!

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Two Races of Men Emerge

By The Rebel Planet

And so it was that Taran and Aya fled into Vaya, being forever banished from the Valley.  And they and their future descendants became known as the Benudim, which came to mean 'cursed ones' ... More

The Fall's Impact Upon the Rest of Creation

By The Rebel Planet

And in that day of the Banishment did the Celebration's cease.  And the sons and daughters of the banished King and Queen returned in sadness and fear to their lands.  And in their ... More

The Account of the Fall and Banishment of Taran and Aya

By The Rebel Planet

Now the war of the Valendi had not left the world of men untouched, nor did the war of the Valendi come to a true end. Rather, the rebellious Valendi were confined to the world of the star Sol. ... More

The Account of the War of the Valendi

By The Rebel Planet

Now it happened that after the Lord had created the worlds and had placed life on the earth, and had formed the first ‘udim, our Mother and Father, but before they themselves had yet given ... More

Nine Sons and Nine Daughters Take Possession of Their Inheritance

By The Rebel Planet

Now the children of Taran grew older and in due time, the eldest son, Kreon, reached the age allotted by Aél for him to come to the Lifespring.  And so on the day appointed by the ... More

Ten Sons and Ten Daughters Are Born to Taran and Aya in Their Innocence

By The Rebel Planet

And so, in due time, Aya gave birth to a son. And Taran and Aya held the first born of ‘udim in their hands and gave him the name Kreon. And after Kreon, Aya gave birth to a ... More

Aéls’ Instructions to Taran and Aya Concerning Their Children

By The Rebel Planet

Now after Aél created the world and breathed life into Taran, the Father of all, and into Aya, the Mother of all, and when He had placed them in the Valley prepared for them, He gave these ... More